Omni Siter

The intention of this project is to design and implement a tool for robust management of long-running test and experiments based on combinations of values assigned to parameters. The tool should be cross-platform and extensible with respect to the tested objects as well as number and types of parameters as well as output parameters. The tool should also provide support for reviewing tests as well as analysing and visualizing results.


The phrase "Omnis Iter" is latin and means for each road or path. The name is fitting since the tool is meant for trying out combinations of values assigned to parameters.


This project is in the planning stages. It is derived from a number of in-house tools used for research as well as performance evaluation of real systems in industry. To give you an idea of what long-running means, in research some performance experiments has been running for months to get a proper idea of how systems actually behaves.

The tool will be based on Java, MySQL, ASM, Java SWING, XML (XML Schema and XSLT) via Saxon.